LOCALLY:  We record all scheduled news broadcasts in cooperation with each of
    our local broadcast stations KMIR(NBC), KESQ(ABC), KPSP(CBS), KDFX(Fox),
    KPSE, Telemundo & Univision, directly from live cable feed on to our hard drives
    along with the closed caption of the program. The closed caption allows us to
    search our archives back to 2006 when we started our service.

        KMIR (NBC) - KESQ (ABC) & KPSP (CBS) News broadcasts are recorded in
        High Definition and are in  .h 264 AVCHD, are uploaded to YouTube for you.
    The original file is also sent to you by DropBox.

    We pull each clip from the original broadcast signal, calling the program onto the
    time line of our computers using the show open, edited together with the story
    ordered, into a professionally edited presentation ready to show at any client
    meeting, general session or website ready & uploaded to YouTube.
Palm Springs Video is the Official ARCHIVE for ABC - KESQ, NBC - KMIR, CBS - KPSP,
Telemundo & Univision  Local Affiliates in the Greater Palm Springs, California  

( Coachella Valley ) market area.

Electronic Delivery
We have several methods
of internetting  a clip to you
depending the size of the
file, format you would like it
in and how you might want
to distribute the story.
We use DropBox to send
the files of your preference
and we post the stories on
our YouTube Channel
and send you both the
Link & Embed
    News Clip Rates:
    The Cost of a news search is Free.
    CURRENT clip cost is $80 per clip
    Current is Today back 60 days.
    2 Months to 6 Months old ...$100.00
    6 Months to 1 Year old ........$125.00
    1 Year to 2 Years old ...........$250.00
    More than 2 Years old .........$400.00
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The Deserts News Archive
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